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Hope to Recharge

Jun 30, 2020

Do you love yourself enough to take three deep breaths, three times a day? We are wrapping up our series on Self-Love with a life-changing conversation about why practices even as small as taking deep breaths can be  the foundation to our mental health.

Most of us have been in quarantine over the last several months and...

Jun 23, 2020

Do you ever feel as though you need an EMOTIONAL detox? Often we are carrying so many unprocessed emotions that we walk around feeling overwhelmed and even confused by all that we are feeling. Today we have an expert on all things emotional detox, Sherianna Boyle.

Sherianna specializes in the “Cleanse” method that...

Jun 16, 2020

Many people come to me looking for a quick fix to resolve some of their mental health struggles. The first thing I always ask them, regardless of their situation is, "Do you know you are worthy of being healed?" More often than not, they respond, "I don't know."

This month, we have been talking exclusively about the...

Jun 9, 2020

This month we are talking about the practice of self-love. In theory you may be drawn to the idea of implementing self-care routines and learning to love yourself, however it is often  more difficult to practice than we anticipate. Sometimes it is easy to compare yourself to others and be your own worst critic.

Today I...

Jun 2, 2020

As mothers we are always putting others before ourselves and serving our families in ways that often go unseen. We are also wearing many other hats and putting ourselves continually on the back-burner and sometimes even neglecting our own mental health. 

Today we have the honor of hearing from Dr. Claire Nicogossian as...